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Reminder for Goodyear Retirees 10/16/2012



1. Early Supplement Benefit is for a person who retires with at least 30 years of service and is at least 55 years of age. That person can collect the early supplement until he or she becomes eligible for 80% benefit from Social Security or the supplement will also terminate if you are receiving any form of Social Security such as disability Social Security or if you chose to start it at age 62. When you apply for Social Security, they will send you a letter stating when it will start and how much it will be every month. When you receive that letter, you need to inform Goodyear so they can stop early supplement. If you do not inform Goodyear and they keep paying you the early supplement, when Goodyear finds out that you are on Social Security, they will ask for the money BACK. When you receive the letter from Social Security, bring it to the Union office and we will fax it to Goodyear for you.

2. Special Medicare Benefit: When you or your spouse become eligible for Medicare, Part A is automatic, but Part B you need to enroll in. There is a cost for Part B and your Medicare premium will come out of your Social Security check and the Goodyear VEBA will reimburse you $50 a month per person on Medicare, but Goodyear VEBA will send you a check once a quarter instead of once a month. When you or a dependent gets a Medicare card, bring it to the Union office and we will fax it to Goodyear VEBA. Medicare is primary and Goodyear VEBA is secondary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tony Balsamo at the Union office (815)235-9713.


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