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Rights of Probationary Members

October 10, 2011


According to Titan's Last, Best and Final Agreement under the Recognition Article 1.2, second paragraph:

Newly hired employees shall be considered probationary employees for the first one hundred eighty (180) calendar days of their employment. Said period may be extended due to any approved leave of absence (including time off for a work related injury). During this probation they shall be subject to all provisions of this Agreement, but if they are discharged by Company shall not be required to establish just cause for such discharge. All probationary employees will be evaluated after sixty (60) days during the probationary period.

Weingarten Rights also give members rights to representation:


The US Supreme Court has ruled that The National Labor Relations Act gives workers the right to request union representation during investigatory interviews by supervisors, security personnel, and other managerial staff. These are called Weingarten Rights.

An investigatory interview occurs if 1) management questions you to obtain information; and 2) you have a reasonable apprehension that your answers could be used as a basis for discipline or other adverse action.

You must ask for union representation either at the beginning of or during the interview. Management does not have to remind you of this right.

If your request is refused and management continues asking questions, you may refuse to answer. Your employer is guilty of an unfair labor practice and charges may be filed.
I Request Union Representation

If you are called to a meeting with management, read the following or present this card when the meeting begins.

If my responses to your questions could lead to my being discipline or terminated, or adversely affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that you summon my union representative. Until my representative arrives, I choose not to answer any questions.

The statement above could save your job.

If you have any questions, please ask your manager for your union representative.

Kevin Kirk, President


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